Bed Bugs Around Craven County North Carolina

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Bed bugs New Bern, NC 28560

Bed bugs are making a comeback, big-time around New Bern & Craven County North Carolina, and are being found just about anywhere; from homeless shelters to four star hotel rooms. No one really knows why they have returned, but these little bugs are determined to stick around. Although bed bugs are tiny they can cause major headaches because they’re so difficult to find. 

Facts about Bed Bugs:

  • Adult bed bugs can survive one year or longer without feeding.
  • Bed Bugs can survive in unheated houses & buildings
  • Bed Bugs feed at night, they are nocturnal.
  • Bed Bugs are hitchhikers, attach themselves to clothing, or backpacks brought into your house.
  • Bed Bug resistance to pesticides has increased significantly, treatment will require a combination of pesticide‘s to control & Eradicate.
  • The sole food source for Bed Bugs is human blood.
  •  Bed Bugs can survive without feeding for 100 to 300 days.
  • Natural predator of bed bugs include: Roaches, Ants, Spiders.

D & D Pest Control Bed Bug Eradication Plan:

Eradication of bed bugs frequently requires a combination of non-pesticide approaches and the use of  targeted pesticides. Before any treatment  D & D Pest Control Co. will provide you with a detailed list of instructions for how to prepare your home. It is very important to follow these directions closely as properly preparing the home is a very important step in any treatment process. Improper preparation can become costly and require additional follow up visits, and is one of the main reasons that treatment for bed bugs fail.

Non-pesticide approaches:

  • Vacuuming up the insects
  • Wrapping all mattresses with bed bug approved covers. These can be purchased at your local Wal-mart, Targets, and Roses stores.
  • Wash all personal items such as cloths, bed linens with borax washing powder and and allow extra long drying.

D & D Pest Control Co. Pesticide Application 

Insecticides are a valuable tool in bed bug management, but only when properly applied and used in combination with non-insecticide control methods.

D & D Pest Control Co. offers the most comprehensive and technologically advanced bed bug control programs in Eastern North Carolina. To get more information on the how to eliminate any pest problem, please call us at 252.638.1009 for more details. .


Re-infestation and prevention of Bed Bugs

Once bed bugs are eradicated from your home it’s is very important to be proactive to prevent them from re-infesting it again.

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